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Have more questions on how your store orders work? Dive into our frequently asked questions regarding supplement shipping!

What is the shipping timeline?

USPS First Class Mail & Priority Mail will be 1-3 business days.

International is 3 - 5 business days for Expedited and 5-12 Business Days for World Wide Economy.


What is the processing timeline?

Our standard cutoff for same-day shipping is 11:00 AM CST - Monday through Friday.


When do orders ship?

We ship Monday - Friday. Orders received by 11:00 AM CST will ship the same day. Anything after that will ship the next business day. So anything that comes in after 11:00 AM CST on Friday will ship Monday.


What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates vary based on weight. You will see the shipping countries, options, rates, and delivery times here.


What return label information will be used for the packages sent from the supplement supplier?

The address on the delivered packages is from the HoneyComm Fulfillment Center. In the event of a non-deliverable, it will be easier to restock (due to the packaging most likely being fine). The package is labeled with a generic-looking address that says: 


1236 NW 5TH ST 

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, 73106-7404, US


What is the typical weight of the products?

Products typically fall within the weight range of 3oz to 8oz, however, there are some products well beyond that (Keto Collagen for example), you can find the exact weight inside the Catalog for each Supplement.


What are the sizes/dimensions of the supplement boxes/packages?

Small/Large manila envelopes: 4" x 8" and 8 1/2" x 11"

Boxes: these are usually 5" x 5" x 5", 10" x 10" x 6", or 10" x 10" x 10", but there are a few other varieties depending on the order.

How do we handle returns?

Items that must be returned can use the address above. The cost associated to the shipping fee would run on your customer's side. in most cases, you would look at refunding the customer. Why? Mainly, with consumables, there is no guarantee that the product could be returned and resold in the first place. There are also costs associated with a return, shipping (the customer or business owner) as well as a restocking fee. Returns in this industry are tricky… can it be done? Yes. Is it advised? Not really. 

What we recommend is having an excellent guarantee and refund policy to gain customer confidence. From there, The restocking fee would come into play if the products were not opened or tampered with in any way. Due to all of this, you are best off refunding the customer, moving on, and considering it marketing dollars well spent. For undeliverable shipments, the return address will be our distribution center,  Fulfillment.


Can I cancel a fulfilled order?

Yes you can. We are unable to cancel orders that have been shipped. To cancel a fulfilled order, simply contact us via chat or to support@honeycomm.io to cancel an order. Include the Order #, Quantity of Products purchased and reason for cancellation. 


What are the supplement product container dimensions?

1oz Glass Amber

1.157" Dia. x 2.70" H

2oz Glass Amber

1.415" Dia. x 3.20" H

4oz Container

2.875" Dia. x 1.725" H

8oz Container

2.875" Dia. x 3.020" H

120cc Jar

1.938" Dia. x 3.609" H

150cc Jar

1.984" Dia. x 4.094" H

200cc Jar

2.313" Dia. x 4.281" H

4oz Bullet

1.488" Dia. x 5.526" H

4oz Bottle w/Pump

1.508" Dia. x 5.276" H

44oz Container

4.885" Dia. x 4.80" H

60oz Container

4.885" Dia. x 6.350" H

2500cc Container

5.58" Dia. x 8.00" H

250cc Container

2.516” Dia. x 4.375” H

300cc Container

2.716" Dia. x 4.697" H

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