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Bulk orders are a great way to secure inventory and qualify for some amazing discounts. You can now do this directly from your HoneyComm Dashboard!

How to place a Bulk Order for your Branded Products

  1. Log in to your HoneyComm Dashboard> Catalog> My Products. Your products with approved labels will appear in this section. Note: If a label is under review or not yet approved, you will need to wait for the approval first to process an order for that specific product. In the example below you will see the label status "In Review"; simply click on the product image and select Labels to view the up to date comments regarding your labels.
  2. Select the Product by hovering over the image and clicking on it, or clicking Edit. Next, click on Bulk Buy and choose the amount you would like to purchase. It will automatically generate an order for the selected number of units which can be confirmed via support@honeycomm.io.
  3. Each row will reflect the number of units you may bulk buy and the respective discount price. Click on Purchase. You will see the status of your order under Catalog> My Payments.

Bulk Order Discount Breakdown

  • 100 Units - $1.00Off Standard Cost Price*
  • 250 Units - $2.15Off Standard Cost Price*
  • 500 Units - $2.50Off Standard Cost Price*
  • 1000 Units - $3.00Off Standard Cost Price*
*The Standard Cost Price will be the Cost Price field that appears in Step 2 (Catalog> My Products> Edit).

Simplify your purchasing today with the easy-to-use HoneyComm Dashboard, ensuring cost-effective and hassle-free bulk orders for your business!

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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