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Create a professional label for your products using our Label Lab directly from HoneyComm™! Here is what you will learn in this walkthrough.

Label Lab's Design Tools


  • How to design your label with pre-made templates or customize editable areas such as text, logos, and graphics.


  • Taking advantage of the elements panel for a library of graphics, text, and shapes to enhance your label design.


  • Where to upload individual brand assets, graphics, your logo or anything you may need to create a label with your brand!


  • Upload images designated areas, ensuring they integrate well with your label.
  • How to ensure proper placement within the design.


  • Choosing fonts wisely and customizing text elements for readability and alignment.


  • Integrate shapes to enhance your label's visual appeal. Adjust opacity and transparency to ensure the shapes complement the overall design.


  • Use the zoom feature to inspect and refine small design details.
  • Ensure precise placement of elements by zooming in and out during the editing process.

The Guideline Checklist for Label Approvals

SKU / Barcode:

  • Confirm that no additional elements have been added to the SKU or barcode area.

FDA Product Claims:

  • Ensure that text in the FDA product claims area has not been edited.
  • Verify that symbols used in this area are consistent with the key benefit statement.

Prohibited Terms:

  • Confirm that prohibited terms specified by the FDA have not been used in key benefits.

Manufactured For:

  • Add the company name and address to the "Manufactured For" area.

Facts Panel:

  • Confirm that the information in the facts panel has not been altered.

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