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HoneyComm's goal is to empower your business through our fulfillment and dropshipping and technology. Allowing you to deliver supplements to your customers at a wholesale price... all over the world! 

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Getting Started with a Free Plan

  1. Sign up for free by clicking on the image below. Enter your full name (optional), email and create a new password. Please note that any communication from HoneyComm will be sent to the email you used to sign up. Click Register Now!
  2. Upon logging in, you will get a quick walkthrough of the app, also known as the Dashboard. 
  3. Explore the menu, browse our Catalog and follow the steps below to order your first sample!

Set up your Supplement Billing

The HoneyComm Dashboard has 2 separate billing sections. Dashboard> Catalog> Billing for supplement orders and Dashboard> Account> Billing to pay for any subscriptions you wish to upgrade to.

You are welcome to add separate billing information in both sections, allowing you to successfully streamline your payments effortlessly!

Ordering your first sample (HoneyComm branded)

  1. Log in to your Dashboard> Catalog and select the product you wish to order a sample for.
  2. Click on Add Sample to Basket.
  3. Pay for your items in Catalog> My Basket. Add the mailing address, your preferred delivery service and billing details. It's as simple as that!

How do I order samples of my branded products?

You must start by creating your first supplement. This article will walk you through the steps Creating your first branded supplement product

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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