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What do our experts suggest?

To ensure the best print quality you'll want to ensure your labels use vector graphics where possible (excluding any photographs). For this, we would recommend using Adobe Illustrator as a professional vector graphics platform. There is other various vector-based software on the market, if you are willing to learn how to use a quality "Free" program then we recommend InkScape but make sure to do some training first on how to setup document size, fonts, etc. Here is a great training site for Inkscape on Youtube

What is the Timeline for a label to be approved?

Our usual timeline is 48 hours or 2 business days. Ensuring the labels follow the guideliens below will speed up the process. You will see the live updates from our Compliance team through Catalog> My Products> Select your Product> Labels> Comments on the right side panel.

The Checklist

To ensure your labels comply with the FDA, the design checklist below is crucial for a label to be approved. If a formulation or supplements facts panel has been updated since your last label was approved, the product will appear as Not Approved. You will find the comments of the required edits inside the Labels> Comments section mentioned above. 

⚠ IMPORTANT Label Design Rules ⚠

  • Design in a CMYK format (not RGB).
  • Upload the label without the “Information” layer (DELETE this layer, including the Bleed & Safe outlines). 
  • All vector text and pathways should be converted to outlines. 
  • Save the file as a PDF.
  • Ensure all product claims have this symbol † after them.
  • The phrase "Dietary Supplement" and the unit count need to remain on the front of the label - graphics and placement of it can be altered.

Each Template has hidden (layer) instructions for label guidelines



All critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos, etc.) must be kept inside the red line. Anything left outside of the red area may be cut off during printing.


Make sure to extend the background artwork, images or colors to the edge of the blue outline.


A unique barcode will be applied to your label in the area marked. Do not apply any color, images, or graphics in this area as they will be overwritten. Remove the text "Bar Code Zone" and leave this area white and clear of any artwork.


All product claims (for example, "Lose Weight...") need to have this cross symbol  †  after them which references the "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA..." disclaimer. This is a requirement by the FDA.


Words such as "Cure" or references to any specific medical terms or illnesses such as Heart Disease or Alzheimer's will be disapproved. Avoid any claims that use absolute terms. Instead, use more general terms such as "Supports Your Cardiovascular Health" or "Can Improve Memory Loss". 
Products can not be labeled Organic, but they can be called "Natural".


The label must include the Name and address of the HoneyComm Member under the “manufactured for” heading. It must also include the Street address if the firm name and address are not listed in a current city directory or telephone book, as well as the City or Town, State, and ZIP code. You can alternatively use your website and email as long as the Customer can easily find the address and contact information on the website.
Almost every file will have updates that will need to be made. Some will be small and others will be more intense. The closer these guidelines are followed the quicker labels can be approved ✔

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the Supplement Facts and information panels?

You can change the font and colors as long as they remain clearly legible. You can not change the text itself in the Supplements Facts box, the FDA statement or the Supplement Instructions. You should not modify the suggested use, caution statements, or the FDA disclaimer

Can I mention CBG or CBN?

No, CBD products may or may not contain CBG and CBN, as they can vary from batch to batch so do not mention CBG or CBN on the label.

Can I claim my product is Organic?

Organic can refer to individual component ingredients however, according to the FDA and USDA - only products that are certified organic (which these are not) can be marketed as such. As an alternative, you could say they are Non-GMO or Natural.

What are the common errors others have made?

Here's a complete walkthrough!

Do you have a downloadable file for the Supplement Label Guideline?

You can download the PDF copy by clicking the attachment below


Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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