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HoneyComm's dropshipping and fulfillment technology allows our members to enjoy a flexible dropshipping process, allowing you to focus on getting more sales while we handle the logistics. Here's how we do it.

The Dropshipping Process

Step 1 - Customer Experience in Your E-commerce Store

When a customer orders one of your custom-labeled products through a store connected to your HoneyComm Dashboard, your customer has succesfully processed the payment for that order and it's your turn to fulfill the order!

Reminder: Many of our members do not have websites or stores connected. You also have the ability to purchase your branded products through the Catalog and sell them in physical locations such as fitness and medical centers.

Step 2 - Fulfill your Order through your Dashboard

Website orders will automatically reflect in your Dashboard through Orders> Place Orders. A store must be connected to your Dashboard for an order to be processed through Place Orders. This section is specific to your customer orders. Any samples ordered through the HoneyComm catalog will appear under Catalog> My Payments.

To fulfill an order, go to your Placed Orders, check the boxes on the left to select the orders you wish to fulfill. Lastly, click on Order All to pay for your selected orders.

Confirm the address, order details and finally click Pay. 

Congratulations! Your order has been fulfilled! 

Step 3 - Your order is shipped

Once your order has been paid, our fulfillment team will package your products and deliver them to your customer within 1-3 business days (US) and 3-5 for International shipping. You will see the tracking number under Orders> Tracking for website orders, and under Catalog> My Payments for any orders processed through the Catalog.

Shipping and Fulfillment Troubleshooting

What should you do if there is an issue with your order? 

1. Identify the challenge. Contact our support team via chat or through support@honeycomm.io and let us know what challenges you are facing. They will ask the necessary questions to identify the root cause and will ensure you receive a follow up.

2. Ensure your Customer's mailing address is accurate. This is the most common reason for shipping challenges. Ensuring a correct delivery address will always ensure a smooth process.

3. Stay Updated with your Orders. Log in to your Dashboard frequently to ensure your orders are fulfilled on time. Many members do it themselves, however, others prefer to hire a Virtual Assistant to ensure there is always somebody available to fulfill their orders.

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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