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Welcome to an Overview of the HoneyComm Catalog! To access the catalog, log in to your account to access the HoneyComm Dashboard. If you do not have an account, learn how to get started! Catalog is home to the HoneyComm Inventory, your store inventory, order billing and more. Let's get started with the walkthrough! 


Explore our Catalog

Once logged in, go to the Catalog section on the left side panel. In here, you will find our product inventory organized with the most relevant filters and segments for your store.


View our products by demograghics such as Supplements, Skin Care, CBD & Hemp, Gummies, Pets and Sports Nutrition. 


You may also filter by Tagged With, Product Type, Ingredients, Demographic, Format, Stock and Dietary. Our Filters include product types, specific tags, dietary preferences, or even stock status - everything's crafted to streamline your search. To start over, the inverted pyramid icon on the far right side will reset the filters for you.

Product Description & Details

To view a product's description and details, simply hover towards the product thumbnail and click on it. Inside you will see the product's Description, an option to Create Your Own Product by clicking on Customize and a shortcut to Add Sample to Basket. Towards the bottom lef you will also see an option to download the selected product's label template by clicking Download Template.

Details: As for the product's important details, here's what you will find.

  • Cost Price: How much the product will cost you.
  • MSRP: Our suggested retail price.
  • Ships To: Countries this product can be shipped to.
  • Weight: Product weight in ounces.
  • SKU: The product's Stock Keeping Unit number.
  • Tags: Type of tag applied to the product. For example, Supplements, General Health, Skin Care, etc.

Certificate: Under Certificate you will find each product's Certificate of Anaylisis, also known as COA. Some important details you will find here are Form (powder, tablet, capsules, etc.), Expiration Date, Serving Size and Active Ingredients. 

Bulk Pricing: See what discounts apply if you purchase 100 units or more. If you already have a product label approved and wish to create a bulk order of your product, go to Catalog> My Products> Select your product> Bulk Order. Explore our Bulk Orders article to learn more.

Supplement Facts: Coming soon!

My Products

Manage Your Private Label Products

Go to Catalog> My Products section to track your chosen products and label designs. Easily monitor label reviews with handy filters by title, status, or SKU. For a deep dive, check out the My Products tab article! 

You will also have the ability to add approved products to your basket in this section.


Input your preferred credit card details for post-customer purchase transaction. Here's a quick walkthrough. Please note that this billing section is separate from your Subscription billing information under My Account.

My Basket

My basket feature acts as your internal checkout hub.  Add a product, enter the delivery address, choose a service, click 'Pay Now', and we'll fulfill your order in the next business days. 

My Payments

Under My Payments, access your order log with details like order/payment IDs, amount paid, sale price, profit margins, and statuses. Learn more about My Payments in this article.


In the Alerts section you will get real-time notifications on your custom-labeled product inventory for smooth operations and happy customers. Learn more here!

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

Explore the Catalog