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Personalize and manage your account through your profile settings, all in one place, simply by tapping the profile icon in the top menu.

Profile Settings

Your Information

Update basic details: name, timezone, and even date display preferences. 

Business Information

For businesses, there's space for your company information such as Company name, Country, Address and Phone Number.

Email & Password/Security

Ensure your account remains secure. Within the Security tab, you can update your email or modify your password to enhance account protection.

Plan & Subscription/Subscription

Dive into the Subscription tab to understand your current plan. You can change your plan, cancel your plan or update your plan's interval preference (yearly or monthly). 


Navigate to the Payments tab to edit or view your credit card details specific for subscription payments. This is different than the billing information that we showed in a separate article, which is used for post-customer purchase transactions.


For a record of transactions, the Invoice tab has you covered, detailing each subscription payment.

Sub Users

Learn more on the Sub-Users section in this article.

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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