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Submitting your label for approval has never been easier! This article will walk you through the 3 steps to submit your labels for approval, and how to troubleshoot rejected labels.

  1. Prepare your Label
  2. Upload your Label
  3. Send your Approved Labels to your Store

1. Preparing your Label

Before uploading a label design, make sure your label follows the guidelines to ensure they are approved by our compliance team. Check out our Supplement Label Guidelines article to learn more!

Where do I download the label guidelines for each product? 

Log in to your Dashboard> Catalog> Select Product> Download Template. Each product has a different label dimensions, thus, the guidelines change slightly per product. For a full breakdown of the label guidelines, article Supplement Label Guidelines for Label Approvals will help.

Designing your Label

Learn how to design a label straight from your dashboard using our beta feature, Label Lab! If you wish to connect with our Design team, we'll curate a label that resonates with your desired target audience. Explore our Design and Development services and reach out to support@honeycomm.io once signed up to get you started!

If you already have a designer, you can move on to the next step.

2. Uploading your Label

Once your label is ready for upload, go to your Dashboard> Catalog> Click on Customize on the product of your choice> Upload Design, or Drag and Drop. 

The next step is the review page.. Adjust your label to fit the product preview just right and remember to hit Save Mock-up. 

The Guideline Checklist

You will find it on the bottom right corner of your screen. Ensuring each step is completed will decrease your label approval time. They are usually approved within 3 business days. Once completed, close the Guideline Checklist box by clicking X, and then Continue.

Publishing your Label for approval

You will reach the General Information screen prior to publishing your label for approval. Here, you may edit your product as follows:

  • Name your Product
  • Product Description
  • Price your product (your pricetag)
  • Cost Price (what it will cost you)
  • Product Tags
  • Store

You may always update your product description via your Dashboard> Catalog> My Products> Select Product> Edit. Once you've completed each field, click on Publish> Submit for Approval. That's it!

Tracking your Label approval status

To track your submission, go to your Dashboard> Catalog> My Products. All submitted labels will appear in this section.The progress is transparent: In Review, Approved and Not Approved. 

Troubleshooting a Not Approved Label

See why your label was not approved by going to Dashboard> Catalog> My Products> Select Product> Label> Comments. Our Compliance team will provide detailed notes on what you must edit in your label. You can also reply to their feedback, or send it to support@honeycomm.io for clarification.

3. Send your products to your Store

You are ready to sell your first product! If you are selling from a physical location, you may order your branded products through the My Products tab directly.

For your website sales, the final 3 steps are to connect your e-ecommerce store.

  1. Go to Dashboard> Catalog> My Product> Select your Product> Edit. Ensure the Product Listing reflects your desired amounts and information
  2. Click on Save Changes
  3. Click on and Send to Store. 

Congratulations on your approved label. Happy selling!

Need more help? Feel free to start a live chat with us in the lower right corner! 

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