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HoneyComm App - Dashboard Help Center

Learn how to navigate the Dashboard to manage your e-commerce business, directly from the app!

My Account - Managing and Personalizing your Account and Billing Information

An overview of your dashboard's profile settings.

Adding and Managing a Sub-User to your HoneyComm Dashboard

A walkthrough on how to add and manage sub-users that need to access your dashboard.

How to Order Samples of Supplement Products

A quick guide to ordering samples directly through your Dashboard!

My Order Settings

On this article, we'll deep dive inside of the Order Settings section of your Dashboard

My Notifications - Your dashboard's notification system

Discover the variety of alerts that compose your Notifications section in your Dashboard.

Fulfilling & Tracking your E-Commerce Orders from your Dashboard

Learn how to fulfill and track your e-commerce product orders directly through the dashboard!

The HoneyComm™ Catalog through your Dashboard

Learn what you can explore within the Catalog section!

My Basket - Catalog

Explore the My Basket feature in the Catalog section.

Design Your Label using HoneyComm's Label Lab

A complete guide to the Label Lab tool, it's elements and the Guideline Checklist for your Label approvals.

Editing your Product Listings from your Dashboard

Need to edit your products in your store? Do it directly from your dashboard!

Billing - Catalog

Learn where to input your billing information for your product orders.

My Payments - Catalog

A deep dive of the My Payments tab inside the Catalog.

Alerts - Catalog

Stay ahead with real-time notifications on inventory levels of your custom labeled products via the Alerts section in your Dashboard.

How to submit your supplement labels for approval

Upload to complliance your custom label designs, right inside your dashboard!

Connect a Sales Channel - Shopify

A guide to connect your Shopify store as a Sales Channel in your Dashboard.

Connect a Sales Channel - BigCommerce

Learn how to connect your BigCommerce store to your Dashboard.

Connect a Sales Channel - WooCommerce

A step by step on how to connect your WooCommerce Store to your Dashboard.